Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Persusive Essay

The IPhone 6, Big Hype, Little Comparison.

Apple has come out with the new IPhone 6, and the other option which is the IPhone 6 plus. With these releases I am not impressed. I myself decided to go to the store to see the phones in view and see how much bigger they are.

Taking the comparison from my old IPhone 5, the size of the smaller IPhone which is the IPhon6 is now 4.7 inches, whereas the IPhone 5 is 4 inches flat. The IPhone 6 Plus is now a whopping 5.5 inches which to me is too big for a personal phone. That is like we are going to be holding an iPad in our hand that can make calls rather than something that is small and portable.

Besides the pure oversized iPhone 6 and 6 plus the graphics and the Ipay on the phone are nothing new. Ever hear of the Nexus 4? This phone was released in 2012 and has the same resolution as the new IPhones. Nexus 4 has 760p resolution and the IPhones have 750p, which is actually 10p less than Nexus.

Also the NFC payments which Apple likes to call IPay was actually another released feature on the Nexus 4. I look at this as a step back for Apple. The phone may be thinner and sleek but, the features are not up to what they should be. I personally am disappointed with this.

Apple is the company known as the Mac designers, the IPad, IPhone, and IPod technicians. Also known for ILife, OSX, and LTE. Apple is known as a big company who releases things yearly with a big event for their releases.

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