Thursday, August 28, 2014

Writing Process.

DeAnna Glynn
PCM 311

Writing Process? When it comes to me having to start writing an assignment, I try my hardest to be organized and get a system down to write the paper. A personal success to me is just being able to get the paper done in the end by its due date.
I usually plan out my homework and assignments on a week to week or day to day basis. So I give myself a day or more to write something and then the next day I start on the next one. Being under pressure has always helped me get my writing done compared to having months, I will always wait at least a week or two close to the end. Depending on the assignment I try to do as much research as possible and cover the papers with highlighter marks to be able to use key points and worthy facts.
I usually make a brainstorm paper with bullet points so I can write out what each paragraph is going to be about so I can skip around my paper if I really have to, and so it makes it easier so I don’t get stuck. When it comes to writing something that is required I always have those moments where I am dumbfounded and just can’t seem to type anything else onto the paper. So writing out what will be in each paragraph makes it much easier for me to skip around and just copy and paste the paragraphs where they are needed.
The style of my writing is more informational with facts and information that is researched. Depending on the topic and how much I know about it usually I do all the research. I do tend to write how I speak so grammar and punctuation can always be my downfall. Which is why peer editing would be something that is entirely helpful for my writing.

When it comes to personal writing everything that is supposed to be done, I do the total opposite. I tend to write short stories and poems during my free time and I am never thinking of what commas I am supposed to use. When I write personally I can just sit there and type I don’t get stuck it just comes to my mind and I write it out. Personal writing tends to be more enjoyable because there are no topics you have to search but just to write what you feel like. I guess I see my personal writing almost like free-lance writing.

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